Guide to Orders

Insect groups in the Class Insecta are organised into ‘Orders’, and these are split down the middle into insect orders that undergo complete metamorphosis (holometabolous: egg->larvae->pupa->adult) and those that undergo incomplete metamorphosis (hemimetabolous: egg->nymph->adult).

From the largest to smallest order, these links will take you to introductions on the 6 most speciose orders of insect:

– Beetles, the sheath-winged Coleoptera

– Butterflies and Moths, the scale-wingedLepidoptera

– Flies, the two-winged – Diptera

– Bees, ants and wasps, the membrane-winged – Hymenoptera

– True bugs, the half-winged Hemiptera.

– Grasshoppers and crickets, the straight-winged Orthoptera

– And everything else – Other Orders


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